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The White Horse Hotel + Motionspot:

a collaboration that showcases the clear business case for investment into accessibility + exceptional experiences for all.


Blue Badge Style Access Galleries.

Many of our favourite venues are saving their customers (and their staff) time and unnecessary anxiety. Blue Badge Style’s ‘access galleries’ create a warm welcome for people who are disabled - simply using elegant, descriptive images.



Bespoke Hotels join forces with the
Valuable 500.

How does imagery affect our perception of disability?

Queer Eye showcases the power and importance of design in our everyday lives.

Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk has had a mission from the start. To make everyone’s lives better through thoughtful and beautiful design within their home environment.
Check out season 4, episode 2 for our favourite example of this!


Royal Lancaster London wins the Cateys 2019 Accessibility Award

Accessible Executive guest room.jpg
Accessible Executive bathroom.jpg
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We are thrilled to have sponsored this year’s Accessibility Award at the Cateys.

The Royal Lancaster London took the award: a shining example of thoughtful and stylish accessibility. Following an £85m refurbishment of the hotel, creating 411 bedrooms, four are now accessible. That doesn’t sound like a big percentage, but Sally Beck, the general manager of the hotel, was not prepared to create an accessible room with a standard, inflexible template.

Each guest is personally shown around on check-in to ensure they are fully aware of all the accessible facilities and that everything is positioned to suit their particular requirements.

“To provide a truly accessible booking experience, hotels must provide detailed access information and bookable accessible rooms online. Delighted to see both of these at the Royal Lancaster London.”
Carrie-Ann Lightley

Motionspot: raising the bar for accessible hotel rooms at The White Horse Hotel, Dorking.

The Motionspot design team were asked to re-design the old and outdated ‘DDA hotel bedrooms’ of the White Horse Hotel, Dorking.

The stunning £4m renovation of the hotel was the perfect opportunity for Bespoke Hotels, owners of the historic coaching inn, to address the common perception that disabled hotel bedrooms are difficult to sell and are not universally appealing to all. The resulting Motionspot design saw new stylish and luxurious accessible rooms being created which are packed full of attractive features for all guests.

Freedom to go wherever you dare: the original Sesame lift offers unrivalled access to any venue - approved for listed buildings it’s a game-changer for universal design.


Celebrating Breda: A view inside Europe’s most accessible City


Neatebox 'Welcome' App: Breaking the cycle of bad customer service.


Valuable 500:
The Business Case for Disability Inclusion